The Noise

I got caught in unsolicited eavesdropping where two college girls were telling each other how insomniac they became as of lately, and how they spend the night scrolling down their Facebook feed. This surely is not a special case; even before the coronavirus epidemic, conventional communication was no longer taking place, as we all migrated…More


The Culture of Autodestruction

While I was at the tipping point of finishing my article, I got a call from my sister telling me about the recent uproar on social media and suggested that it might be of interest to me, as it concerns the person of a public figure I hardly attached her name to the picture in…More

The Emotional Safety Argument, Among Other Things

We all cling to a certain belief system while looking down on others and denouncing them as false, or accuse their beholders of being opinionated, when in fact there is nothing neutral or objective about being swayed by a credo, whether be it rationally appealing or appalling.  I got into an argument lately that made…More

Do We Really Need a Sexual Education?

On a balcony in the secrecy of the night of Algiers, three teenage girls were sharing typical liberal talk, fomenting liberal ideas which, from their perspective, may offer a roadmap for exit to Algeria’s most striking conundrum: freedom.  The girls indeed exploited the connection between freedom in its different forms and linked it to sexual…More

انشغال فائض

بداية، لا أجد حرجا في التصريح بعدم إهتمامي بحياة السود الأمريكيين.   أجد و لطالما وجدت في الهاشتاق الذي و منذ عام بزوغه إلى العالم الإفتراضي نرجسية حادة، و ما ينطوي عليها من سلوكيات غير متصالحة مع المجتمع و تضخيم للنفس و لمعاناتها الإستثنائية، و ضغينة و عدم المبالاة بالآخرين. هذا ما يلاحظه ويتلمسه الواحد…More

Why I’m Pulling The Curtains Closed?

If I may interject a personal note to this blog, I would say the following:   I know that we all found ourselves compelled to this confinement, and what I am about to say may seem a LOT over the top, but I have never been more happier than now! I still want to go…More

On Problems and Solutions

  Whatever I write here is two-thirds description and one-third solution, sometimes I offer no solution, as I am on the view of Paul Ricoeur who, in describing the crisis of solution, eloquently said in a video I watched recently that “we are more able to describe the crisis than to give solutions to it”…More

The Democratic Germ of Social Media

  Too many nights I spent burrowing a hole in my mattress intensified the urge to write something that has been bugging me for too long (besides the current epidemic)   Everyone is concerned with the current health epidemic, but what stands out the most is the invisible one, the one we chose to nourish.…More

        Time to Open The Wounds?

        Unity is dying amongst us. At least that is what we all agree on. We have had too many ruptures in the past that an ephemeral unity is too dysfunctional at best and flagrant at worst.   It so happens that a lot of us have jumped onto the surrendering bandwagon…More

         A Haunting Gerontocracy

  Several months ago, the city I live in glowed with fresh paint, streets were perpetually cleaned from the strewn litter and we all seemed to relegate this intentional movement to the resuscitation of the de facto government. The elections days neared.   Then the protests began, which has become an oft-recounted moment . The…More